Discover Our Story..

Jadore La Crepe is a new local French restaurant, which will be launched in January 2018. It is situated on prime location of Doha in Al Gharaffa, in the heart of a populated upper-middle-class neighborhood, and surrounded by industries and residential. The concept of the restaurant is simply to create a comfortable environment that is well suited to have conversations with friends and families, serve quality French food and offer delicious sweet and savory crepes. After two years of fine-tuning, product development, and loads of continuous hard work, we have successfully achieved our goal in opening a restaurant in Qatar. As of 2018, we have one location and are willing to serve a large number of customers a week.

We are offering an exciting and engaging atmosphere with lots of conversation pieces on the walls and serve excellent quality, freshly cooked crepes and hot and cold beverages. The specialties of our restaurant are crepes along with Expresso, Cappuccino, Café Late, Arabic Coffee, Spanish coffee, Mojito, Milkshakes and fresh juices. We are defined as a mainstream casual restaurant with an integrated conversation area that caters to the community and local businesses. Additionally, we aim at providing a welcoming, and friendly service in a relaxed environment by staff as well as by owners who truly love their job.

To indulge your taste buds and discover what the French crepes are, Jadore La Crepe is undoubtedly a perfect destination!

Currently, our Qatar based location will provide take-out, on-site catering and fast pick-up in addition to full table service. However, we have planned that ten days after the launch of the restaurant, we will offer delivery services throughout Qatar for seven days a week during duty hours.

The overall decor of Jadore La Crepe has been kept original and elegant. It is softer, cleaner, more contemporary casual dining look. Our restaurant decoration consists of posters, paintings on the walls, small round tables and basic wooden furniture, which highlights our free and informal environment. In addition to this, we have excellent music round out the theme. The core idea to start this business is to have a reflection of today's consumer needs and the change in current styles.

Our restaurant can stand out on its own by opening early in the morning and does not require booking in advance. We are indeed very proud to say that even though we have not been in this business for a very long time but our Qatar based restaurant will be able to maintain its standard, which will help to create a good name.